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Peggy Farah, BA, candidate au MPS, est la fondatrice et animatrice du cours Deeper Cravings. Elle a un baccalauréat en arts de l'Université de Victoria, et sera bientôt diplômée d'une maîtrise en psychothérapie et en spiritualité de St-Stephens College à Edmonton.
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Deeper Cravings Facilitator
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Peggy Farah, BA, MPS (cand), is the founder and facilitator of Deeper Cravings. She has her BA from the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC and will be graduating with a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality from St. Stephens College in Edmonton, Alberta in the fall.

Her graduate thesis research, A Deeper Kind of Craving, was an in-depth exploration of the connection between presence and healing food and body issues. Peggy has been involved in supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through program development and delivery for over 20 years in various capacities. Peggy has over 12 yrs experience counseling individuals and facilitating groups, particularly in the areas of grief, loss and illness. In addition to her counseling background, she also has 8 yrs experience working in management and senior management positions in health care organizations. Over the past two years, while completing her thesis, she has been dedicated full-time to raising the two tiny spiritual teachers she lives with, her children.

Peggy’s spiritual path began at age sixteen with a powerful awakening experience that has taken her on an incredible meandering journey of seeking and healing ever since. In May of 2010 Peggy turned her focus to explore the spiritual meaning in her own life-long struggle with her body weight. Through this journey Peggy has transformed her relationship with her body, let go of the diet mentality and as a result is moving closer to her natural healthy weight with a more than 60 lb weight loss so far. Peggy created Deeper Cravings through her own personal recognition that emotional and spiritual hungers result in body weight issues and that the power of presence offers a new and beautiful opportunity to embrace the body and heal the broken relationship with food and achieve our natural healthy weight.