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Bruce Chase-Dunn est un professeur certifié de yoga Ashtanga avec 300 heures de formation avec Yasmin Gow. Bruce a commencé à s'intéresser au yoga pour la pratique physique, mais a rapidement pris conscience des bénéfices en tant qu'approche complète pour la la santé et le bien-être.
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Certified Yoga Teacher
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Restorative Yoga
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Bruce Chase-Dunn is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher with 300 hours of training under Yasmin Gow. Bruce first became interested in yoga for the physical practice, but soon
became aware of its profound benefit as a complete approach to health and well-being.
He realized that in order to fulfill his own practice, he wanted to share with others what yoga has given him.

All of us live with physical challenges. The Ashtanga method lets us set healthy intentions, focus on ourselves through our practice, and overcome our physical challenges to restore ourselves to optimal health and happiness.

Bruce believes strongly that every person deserves to find and experience the powerful transformation that lies within yoga. Whether it’s the easy pace of a restorative yoga class or the strong flow of a challenging Ashtanga class, he believes that every yoga practitioner can leave class feeling toned and strengthened, while having experienced a complete workout for their mind, spirit and heart.

A comprehensive knowledge of yoga enables Bruce to tailor the practice to suit the individual student. Bruce’s students often say they feel balanced, open and strong after one of his teaching sessions, and ready to meet their day empowered and rejuvenated.