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Yoga and Classes

Yoga at Om West

A traditional yoga centre. Yoga as practised today in hot studios, gyms, and fitness centres is often reduced to a mere physical form of exercise. Om West is dedicated to offering the ancient practice, wisdom, and lifestyle of yoga in its complete form to the benefit of all West Island residents. Om West owners Antoine and Pamela have been mastering yoga for over 20 years under the guidance of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and other legendary spiritual masters, and are fully available and dedicated to guiding students on their yoga journey.

Om West takes pride in hiring only the most qualified teachers in the West Island. Our team of 25+ teachers are certified, experienced and specialized in many different styles of yoga from gentle and meditative to vigorous and dynamic.


Learning Yoga

New to Yoga? Join our series of four 6-week courses to learn yoga safely and progressively with other beginners like you. Courses start year round.

YOGA-1: Introduction to Yoga 
YOGA-2: Fine-tune your practice 
YOGA-3: Learning to flow 
YOGA-4: Deepening your practice


Drop-In Classes

Gather. Practice. Grow. Om West offers daily drop-in classes. No reservation is required, simply show up and enjoy a great class offered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, in a variety of different styles.

Classes on our printable schedule marked with a green dot are for everyone while classes with a red dot are more challenging and some level of experience is recommended. Om West offers different options from pay as you go, to class passes, to unlimited memberships.

Our policies were designed with you in mind: 
1. No Missed Classes. Our drop-in classes allow you to come anytime. 
2. No Expiry Dates. Our passes are good for life. 
3. No Binding Contracts. Our memberships can be cancelled any time.

General Styles: 
Flow Yoga (Vinyasa) | Gentle Yoga | Hatha Yoga | Outdoor Yoga | Power Yoga |Restorative Yoga | Yin Yoga | Yogalates

Classes Following Traditional Lineages: 
Ashtanga Yoga as designed by Pattabhi Jois 
Kundalini Yoga as designed by Yogi Bhajan 
Sivananda Yoga as designed by Swami Vishnudevananda 
Tai Chi and QiGong (Yang Style) as designed by Yang Lu-ch'an

Specialized Classes: 
Prenatal Yoga 
Mom & Baby Yoga for babies ages 0-12 months 
Senior's Chair Yoga 
Private Yoga Classes


Breath & Mindfulness

Get your mind in pieces? Get peace of mind! 
Handling the mind and its emotions (stress, anxiety, anger, depression, etc.) through the mind is not always so obvious. However, all these emotions have a corresponding breathing pattern. When angry, depressed, nervous, our breathing gets altered in specific ways. What the great masters of yoga have known for thousands of years is that this works both ways, like a two way street. By learning specific breathing techniques (pranayama & kriya), one can eliminate all these unwanted negative emotions and reclaim mastery over their state of mind.

Join us on the internationally acclaimed Art of Happiness program offered at Om West to learn the ins and outs of living with mindfulness as well as to master these breathing techniques including pranayama and the powerful Sudarshan Kriya practice.

We accumulate toxins in our bodies due to environmental pollution, our diet, stress and anxiety and due events from the past that have left impressions in the mind. The Sudarshan Kriya practice as taught on the Art of Happiness program allows you to flush out impurities and toxins both from the body and mind leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. The course is offered by Om West owners Antoine and Pamela who have both been completely transformed from practising the techniques taught on this course.



Trying to meditate without proper guidance often results in people closing their eyes, not too sure what to do or expect. Their mind gets bombarded with thoughts and they generally get discouraged after a few minutes.

The Art of Meditation course offered at Om West has the answer to that. This course gives you a proper initiation with a personal mantra that will allow you to reach higher states of awareness in a simple and natural manner. This initiation is done in the great tradition of yoga masters who have kept the science a well guarded secret until very recently.

Come and discover how a meditation practice can enhance the quality of your daily life. The course is offered by Art of Living Foundation and is taught by Om West owner and certified meditation teacher Antoine who has been practising meditation daily for over 20 years.


Chanting & Mantras

Sacred Music 
Om West has built quite a reputation for it's magical evenings of Kirtan. Join us for an enchanted evening of chanting to the sound of mantras. The soothing vibrations of these simple yet beautiful ancient chants is likely to elevate you to new heights.

Sacred Chants 
Join us for our weekly community meditations to the sound of Mantras
Meditate to the sounds of chanting of Poojas. The mantras of these chants have a profound effect on the cells, mind and nervous system and bring you to a state of deep meditation. They are a portal into the subtler relms of existence.

Sacred Sounds 
Om West offers Tibetan Bowl Concerts as well as Crystal Bowl Concerts
Restore and replenish your body, mind and soul to the peaceful sounds of the bowls. Feel the vibrations, and the sound move throughout every cell in your body, liberating you of blockages, and allowing you to be in a deeply relaxed state. The soothing, soft tones of the bowls will take you on a sensory experienced not to be missed.

AoL Square

Art of Living at Om West

Om West owners Antoine and Pamela are certified teachers with the Art of Living Foundation. This non-profit volunteer-based, educational organization, established in over 150 countries offers workshops that give participants the tools to improve the quality of their lives.

Join us on: 
Art of Happiness: Learn breathing techniques and mindfulness 
Art of Meditation: Learn to meditate 
Art of Silence: Join us on a silence retreat in the forest 
Art Excel: Art of Happiness for kids ages 8-12


Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat 
Join Antoine and Pamela for a week of yoga, adventures in the rain forest, surf in the ocean, gourmet organic food, outstanding massages, and meet like-minded people on this one of a kind yoga retreat!

2014 Retreat: See Photos Here 
2015 Retreat: Join us Apr 11-18

Silence Retreat 
Art of Happiness graduates are welcome to join Antoine and Pamela on a silent retreats at the Interntional Art of Living Centre in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC.


Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher 
Om West is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 500 hour levels. Om West is recognized by the ministère du Revenue du Québec to issue tax deductible education receipts.

Course Content: 
▪ Techniques, Training and Practice 
▪ Teaching Methodology 
▪ Anatomy and Physiology 
▪ Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle 
▪ Teacher Ethics 
▪ Ayurveda, Breathing and Meditation

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training 
200-hour Hatha & Vinyasa yoga teacher training 
12 weekends from Fall 2014 to Spring 2015. 
Email us at: info@omwest.com for additional information.

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