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September News

With the arrival of the fall, Om West is buzzing with new programs and events. Take a look at the new Fall Schedule and at our freshly redesigned web site:omwest.com, and let us know how you like it.

We are happy to be adding additional afternoon classes, additional Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes and to welcome Michelle Carroll as our newest yoga teacher, Sabine Bernal as our new osteopath with 14 years of experience, and Marieke Trempe as our latest massage therapist with 12 years of experience. Also, Welcome back Farrah, Marie and Omid who were off during the summer.

Farah Dandan 3

Farrah - Hatha Yoga (Sivananda Style)

Omid 1

Omid - Tai Chi & QiGong (Yang Style)

IMG 1218

Michelle - Flow Yoga (Ashtanga Style)

Marieke Trempe 2

Marieke - Registered Massage Therapist

Screenshot 2014-09-02 10.30.32

Yoga Teacher Training

Aspiring to become a registered yoga teacher? 
Looking to greatly deepen your understanding of the practice? We are pleased to announce the Yoga Teacher Training that will be taking place at Om West starting this fall. The training will be offered by several senior yoga teachers from the highly regarded Om West team.

200h Teacher Training: 
Training in Traditional Hatha Yoga and in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. 
From Oct-4, 2014 to April-26, 2015 over 14 weekends.

Information and Registration Here


The Power of Sound Project

Sound has the power to heal, to transform and to uplift. Om West is one of Montreal's landmark centres for experiencing the powerful energy of sound.

We are pleased to launch a one-of-a-kind project bringing together some of the most talented musicians and sound healers in a weekly series of events, every Thursday at 7:30pm. Come and experience these sacred musical journeys:

▪ Sep-04: Satsang: Om Night! (Antoine & Pamela) 
▪ Sep-11: Tibetan Bowls (Sarah) 
▪ Sep-18: Kirtan (Lea Longo) 
▪ Sep-25: Sitar & Tabla Concert (Krucis Khan) 
▪ Oct-02: Crystal Bowls (Nancy) 
▪ Oct-09: Kirtan (Karen St-Laurent) 
▪ Oct-16: Tibetan Bowls (Sarah) 
▪ Oct-23: Satsang: Shiva's Night! (Antoine & Pamela) 
▪ Oct-30: No Class 
▪ Nov-06: Kirtan (Sundara) 
▪ Nov-13: Crystal Bowls (Nancy) 
▪ Nov-20: Kirtan (Jaya Sangha) 
▪ Nov-27: Satsang: (Art of Living) 
▪ Dec-04: Kirtan (Sundara) 
▪ Dec-11: Rudram Pooja + Meditation 
▪ Dec-18: Kirtan (Lea Longo)

Per Session: $20 Tax Included 
Fall Session: $180 Tax Included (All 15 events)

Meet the Artists

Lea Longo

Kirtan with Lea Longo

Sarah Turner

Tibetan Bowls with Sarah Turner

Antoine   Pamela

Satsang with Antoine & Pamela

Krusis Khan

Sitar & Tabla Concert with Krucis Khan

Nancy Fuoco

Crystal Bowls with Nancy Fuoco

Surya Chandra

Kirtan with Surya Chandra

Karen St-Laurent

Kirtan with Karen St-Laurent


Kirtan with Sundara

Jaya Sangha

Kirtan with Jaya Sangha

Why do we chant Om? 
Join Antoine & Pamela on Sep-4th at 7:30pm for the first weekly Thursday night event of the series with a unique Satsang on the theme of the universal mantra Om.


Courses by Registration

Join us on the upcoming Fall courses, by registration:

Yoga for Beginners:

Learn yoga safely and progressively with our 6-week courses:

YOGA-1: 6 Wednesdays starting Sep-24 at 19:45 
YOGA-2: 6 Sundays starting Sep-7 at 11:45

Yoga by Age:

Or, join these weekly yoga courses:

Kids Yoga: 
Tuesdays at 4:45pm starting Sep-23. For ages 8-11. 
Adult Hatha Yoga class happening at the same time in the other studio. 
Teen Yoga: 
Sundays at 3:15pm starting Sep-21. For ages 12-15. 
Mom & Baby Yoga: 
Mondays at 11:00am starting Sep-22. For moms and babies 0 to 12 months old. 
Senior's Chair Yoga: 
Tuesdays at 11:00am and Fridays at 10:00am starting Sep-9

Specialized Yoga Courses:

Happiness Program: 
The most in-depth course on breathing techniques and mindfulness for stress reduction and joyful living. Offered by Art of Living. Oct 30 to Nov-2. 
Art of Meditation: 
This workshop is offered in 3 consecutive sessions of 2.5 hours. It allows participants to receive a personal mantra and learn how to meditate on their own. Sep 26-28. Fri: 7:00pm-9:30pm, Sat& Sun: 2:00pm-4:30pm 
Kundalini Yoga: 
A system of exercise, breathing, chanting and meditation practised to increase vital energy. Tuesdays at 7:00pm starting Sep-16.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga

Mom and Baby

Mom & Baby Yoga

Chair Yoga

Senior's Yoga





Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Art of Living

Art of Living

Mademoiselle Mots

Community News

Thank you Emilie from Mademoiselle Mots for helping us translate portions of our website. Bookmark this link for your writing and translating needs.

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Save the Dates 
We are pleased to announce that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be at the International Art of Living Centre in Mauricie, QC for the Art of Silence Course from Oct 10-15 and will be giving his first public talk in Montreal since 2006 on Oct-17th evening at Salle Claude Champagne. More details to come.

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