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April News

Spring Is Here!

Download the Spring Schedule directly from our homepage. You will find a phenomenal diversity of drop-in classes in all your favorite styles: 
Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, 
Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as Meditation, Pilates, Yogalates, Tai Chi and QiGong.

New Drop-In Classes: 
-Yoga with Teachers in Training every Thursday at 7:45pm [$8] 
-Gentle Yoga every Saturday at 11:45am with Pamela Gooria 
-Yogalates every Tuesday at 9:30am with Diane Roseman


NEW Spring Packages

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Global Wellness Package 
The Global Wellness Package allows you to travel the world to discover 6 different massage and wellness modalities from 6 different countries:

 Swedish (Classic Massage)
 Californian (Ultimate Relax)
 Thailand (Thai-Yoga Massage)
 Japan (Shiatsu)
 India (Marma points)
 Tibet (Energetic Healing)

Price: $395 You Save: $50

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Health & Happiness Program 
Includes 2 Workshops and 24 classes:

 Art of Living Course
 Art of Meditation Course
 8 Yoga Classes
 8 Breathing Classes
 8 Meditation Classes

Price: $495 You Save: $125


Special Events

Sophie Durocher Noel

QiGong Massage for Children with Autism

Parent Information Session: 
April 13 at 11:30am 
With Sophie Durocher-Noel, Occupational Therapist and 1st certified Canadian in QiGong Sensory Therapy 
The Qigong Massage helps children with Autism and sensory processing difficulties. The massage is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with the body’s acupressure points and sensory systems. By helping the senses in an effective way, the child feels the world more appropriately, understands it better and therefore interacts better in it.

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Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Only 1 spot remaining! Come with us to Anamaya Resort from April 19-26 for a yoga and adventure retreat in Costa Rica!

CPR Certification

CPR Course

Sunday Apr-27 with Natasha Robillard 
Methods of resuscitation will be taught in accordance to the Heart & Stroke Foundation guidelines. 
The course will focus on performing CPR for adults, children, and also infants. This course also includes a demonstration and explanation of how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on adults and children. The course will also cover the topic of choking for adults, children and infants, and how to assist one who is faced with this breathing condition. Certification cards will be provided to participants upon completion of the course.

Timings: Sun: 10:00am-3:00pm 
Cost $60: Includes Course, Equipment Rental and Certification Card 
Register Online Here or call 514.505.1888

AoL Square

Art of Living Course

May 1-4 with Antoine Tinawi and Pamela Gooria 
This workshop is recognized internationally for its powerful breathing techniques, and yoga lifestyle toolkit designed to overcome stress, bring you to unparalleled levels of inner peace, and boost your immune system. Included is the powerful practice of Sudarshan Kriya designed to eliminate toxins from the body and past impressions from the mind, allowing you to reach your fullest potential.

New students: $250 
Repeaters: Donation

Timings: Thu-Fri: 6:30pm-9:45pm, Sat-Sun: 10:00am-4:45pm. 
Register Online Here or call 514.505.1888

Also join us for:

 Art of Silence Course: (April 17-23) Silence Retreat at the International Art of Living Center in Mauricie
 Art of Meditation Course: (May 23-25) Mastering a meditation practice at Om West
 Art Excel Course + Yoga Camp: (August 4-8) Art of Living course for kids ages 8-13 at Om West.
Marisa Verdone

Spring Detox

A Kundalini Yoga Approach with Marisa Verdone 
Saturday May 3 from 1:30pm to 5:30pm

We detoxify continuously throughout life. We process food, thoughts, and all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear, we are steady and flexible. The trouble is that we accumulate more than we process. We become weighed down under the ash of metabolism and the remnants of old emotions. We invite you to move the energy of the body and mind and keep you light and vitalized with this Kundalini Yoga Approach to Spring Detox! All levels are welcome. 
Register Here

You can also join Marisa and Eva every Sunday at 3:15pm for our weekly drop-in Kundalini Yoga class.


Satsang: Kirtan and Potluck

Fri May-16 at 7:00pm

Join us for an enchanted evening of chanting and yoga music followed by a delicious vegetarian potluck where everyone gets to share a dish and enjoy a feast!



YOGA-1 to YOGA-4

Learning the basics

This series of beginner courses is offered in 6 weekly classes each, giving an excellent introduction and experience of the timeless discipline of traditional yoga.

The courses integrate elements from the different paths of yoga, uniting the body, breath, and mind in awareness. Here the wisdom and techniques of yoga are brought to you in a joyful and thorough manner. The courses cover yoga postures, essential breathing techniques, practical knowledge and guided meditations.

YOGA-1: For Beginners 
Six Sundays at 11:45am starting May-4 
Six Thursdays at 7:45pm starting May-22

YOGA-2: Continuation of YOGA-1 
Six Thursdays at 7:45pm starting Apr-3 
Six Mondays at 7:45pm starting May-5

YOGA-3: Continuation of YOGA-2 
Six Tuesdays at 7:45pm starting Apr-8

YOGA-4: Continuation of YOGA-3 
Six Tuesdays at 7:45pm starting May-20

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Specialized Courses

Mom & Baby Yoga 
Ideal for babies ages 0 to 12 months 
6 or 12 Mondays starting Apr-14 at 11:00am

Chair Yoga 
Ideal for seniors 
10 Tuesdays 11am and/or 10 Fridays at 10:00am starting Apr-8 and Apr-11

Jñāna Yoga: Yogic Wisdom Course 
Join Pamela Gooria for 6 Sundays at 1:30pm starting April 13, for an insightful course on yoga philosophy accompanied by a meditative yoga practice.

Pilates Stretch 
Join Diane Roseman for 10 Thursdays at 9:30am starting April 10, for a Pilates course to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility.

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General Announcements

Welcome Marisa Verdone 
Marisa is a Kundalini Teacher with 17 years of experience. She has trained with many Kundalini legends including Yogi Bhajan, the founder of Kundalini Yoga. Join us on Sundays at 3:15pm with Eva and Marisa for our weekly drop-in Kundalini classes.

- The Montreal Yoga Festival by YOCOMO is back for its 3rd year. Join Om West owners Antoine and Pamela as well as an impressive selection of accomplished teachers in this 2-day Yoga festival happening June 7 and 8

Upcoming Teacher Trainings 
- Massage Therapist Training 
- QiGong Teacher Training 
- Yoga Teacher Training

If you are interested in one of these certifications, let us know by email and we'll keep you in the loop.

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